We are pleased to offer the following plan for your bike trip from Manali – Ladakh.
We recommend this itinerary, but if you are comfortable doing 70 kms a day, then we can amend the plan.This will be a camping cum bike trip. We will use hotels and camps midway, but mostly in 2 men tents with full service staff.

Location: Manali to Ladakh
Duration: 10 days
Grade: Tough
Season: Mid June September

Biking Grade: Tough

  • Route mainly on steep inclines and declines
  • Lots of passes and valleys, where roads are uneven
  • For more frequent cyclists with good stamina


Biking is one of the most challenging adventure sports in the Himalayan region. It needs strength, stamina, and endurance and most importantly guts to undertake such an adventure. However, with dedicated training and physical fitness one can embark on such a journey. We have kept the pace of the journey offer a range of gentle touring or more active holidays, but on all of our safaris we transport your luggage to the next accommodation, so all you have to do is enjoy the views.

Our itineraries are designed for anyone who loves cycling, whatever your age or ability, and whether you like to travel as a family, a couple, with a group of friends or on your own. We offer a range of tours for both occasional cyclists who enjoy shorter distances and flat cycle paths away from traffic, as well as tours for more experienced cyclists who relish the challenge of a few hills. Depending on the tour you choose, you could cover anything from 5-10 kilometers in a day (2-4 hours of cycling), leaving plenty of time to stop off along the way, take photos, enjoy some wonderful sightseeing or just have a leisurely lunch. Wherever you go on Atisha Travels Ladakh bike safari you can be sure to find freedom and relaxation.

 Other considerations:

Travel to any part of the Himalayas deserves a little more respect than many other destinations because the whole region lies over 2600 meters (8500 ft.). This should not alarm people in good health but if you have a medical condition such as high blood pressure, heart or lung disease, you must take the advice of a doctor who has experience with the effects of altitude. We do not take heart or lung patients or pregnant mothers on this expedition.

Any kind of exercise which gets you fitter before this trip is advisable, as it will enable you to enjoy the region more, even though the rafting not of a very strenuous nature.

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